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Creator Board

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The keyboard

The Creator Board is composed of 3 primary boards: Work board, Loop pad, and Nano pad, which all bring different levels of utility to your workflow. Thanks to the modular gird system of the base plate, you can arrange and add new component in the way that fits you best.

Models description

// The Creator: 1x Work board + 1x Loop pad + 1x Nano pad
// The Maker: 1x Work board + 1x Loop pad
// The Divider: 1x Work board + 2x Nano pad
// The Worker: 1x Work board + 1x Nano pad
// The Starter: 1x Work board

More details

Each model came with:
// 1x keycaps set (depending on which one you select)
// kailh choc low profile switches (dark yellow)
// 5° inclined support
// hub pcb, poly-carbonate bottom plate, top poly-carbonate covers, spacers, screws, flexible connector