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WRK Legend

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The WRK Legend key set is an introductory set best suited for users who are new to compact 40% keyboards. The triple labeled “QWERTY”, or R2 row, [of the Work board] helps familiarize users to the positioning of sub-levels for glyphs and numbers. The inverted “T” arrow keys is also reminiscent of standard keyboards. The Nano, Loop, and Work board macro keys are in dot style for a clean look.


Backlight compatible
Label: laser etched
Material: coated polycarbonate
Switch type: low profile Kailh choc
Spacing: MX (19.05x19.05mm)
Set: 58x1U / 1x2U

A 1X2U and 2X1U option are possible with the extra keys included in this set to facilitate either setup.
Group buy item, shipping before Christmas 2021.